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The Cycles of Life

Biorhythms are based on the concept that our life is based on the combination of three cycles, the Physical (23 days), Intellectual (33 days) and Emotional (28 days).

These cycles start the moment we are born. From then on they move high and low, and indicate how we are performing, thinking and feeling. The days these cycles cross the middle line are called critical days, and we should take special care that day. The idea is that each cycle pulls your life a little in the up or down direction. So, when all three cycles are up, it's probably going to be your lucky day. (Ask that special someone out!) When all three cycles are down, hold on, and try not to let that special someone find you, because it's just gonna be a big scene, and they are going to be psycho, I'm sure you've all been there.

In this script, the Emotional line is red, the Physical is green, and the Intellectual is blue. The starting date is automatically filled out with today's date. A date 29 years in the past is given as the Birthdate, because aren't we all 29? (I know I am now.)

The starting date is shown underneath the left edge of the graph.

If you change one of the dates, press either the return or the tab key and if the plugin can understand your date notation, you'll see the wiggly lines change. You may change how many of the coming days are displayed using the top slider widget. The bottom slider widget lets you dynamically scroll left and right, displaying different ranges of dates. You can keep moving into the past by moving the slider to the left and dropping it. The slider will then center on the new date, snapping back to 0 so you can view 120 days in either direction of the new date.

The total number of days between the two dates is shown between the top slider and the dates.

If you have any questions about this silly little page, please let me know, and I'll be glad to answer them:

Here is the source code. It was originally written standalone, and doesn't depend on netscape or the Tcl plugin in any way. Feel free to take it, copy it, and use it under the standard Tcl license.