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Play Match-the-patterns Against The Computer

Fair warning: This game is addictive (and hard!)..

Abbreviated rules:

The object of the game is to locate three tiles that match, and remove them from the board (by selecting them with the mouse). The matching tiles will be replaced by three new tiles. If there are no matches showing, then the extra tiles button should be used to deal three additional tiles.

What is a match

Each tile represents four properties: color, shape, pattern, and number of objects. For each property, there are three possible values, as summarized in the following table.

Tile Property Matrix

Three tiles match if for each of the four properties, the value of each tile is either the same or different for that property. For example, the three cards:

match because the color is the same (magenta), the shapes, patterns, and number are all different.


This game was inspired by a card game called Set, whose concept (and rules) were described to me by J Uhler.
Stephen Uhler