Some Special Primes

If you want to write with letters prime numbers, and then you sort them alphabetically (ie: 2 gives TWo, which is alphabetically after 3 THree...), you might want to know which are the first primes, depending on the language. Here are my findings:
10009 : desettisocdevet

8 000 000 851 : eight billion eight hundred fifty one, for american english, and
8 000 000 000 887 : eight billion eight hundred eighty seven, for british english (Thanks to Chris Dodd who pointed out that EIght is before ELeven, my spelling sucks!).

808 000 000 823 : achthundertachtmilliardenachthunderdtreiundzwanzig (!) or
8 808 000 000 883 achtbillionenachthundertachtmilliardenachthundertdreiundachtzig (Thanks to Gavin Lowe for pointing out that achthundertelf (811) was not the best)

French (and proably spanish and italian too)
105 105 000 105 167 : cent cinq mille cent cinq milliards cent cinq mille cent soixante sept, using `usual' french, or
100 000 000 105 157: cent billion cent cinq mille cent cinquante sept, using `legal' french.

It seems to be infinite : biljoona biljoonaa biljoonaa ...

If you know some other languages or have a correction, please contact me.

Prime factors decomposition

Find out the prime decomposition of any number here:

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