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Important!: because of move from the to this new home, not everything is updated or fully working yet... stay tuned...

Tcl Plug-in 2.0 Download

Current release is version 2.0 (2.0.200) - Jan 21st 1998 (binary releases). [New] March 11 1998 source release and update (minor documentation only update).
Please see the License Terms before downloading the Tcl Plugin.


Gzip'ed Tar files containing an installer for the binary release. To install, download and save the file, then:
gzip -dc tclplug20-platform.tar.gz | tar xf - ; cd tclplug20-platform; ./

[windows]Windows (95 and NT)


[src]Source Release

All those files have the same content, only the archiving method differs.

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