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RCX is the name of the micro controller used in the LEGO® MindStormsTM

See the side links for must read references about the RCX.

The goal for TclRCX is, like for a number of other projects, to ultimately have a development environment for the MindStorms, free of some of the limitations of the one provided by Lego, namely: TclRCX, like Tcl, works on Unix, MacOS and Windows; it will provide a more conventional programming (though a Tk based version of the visual programming concepts would be interesting...) with potentially full access to all available bytecodes of the RCX.

You can have a look at the very first and extremely preliminary code (rcx0.tcl).

Peter Pletcher started from the code above and made a much improved version. (We'll merge the effort soon, stay tuned (my new baby is keeping me quite busy right now...))

Wondering about the content of the RoboSports extension set?, check here !.

Search the cool sets picture database at pause/lugnet:

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