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You can find detailed explanation in French (Explications, en Franšais!) about the above, or read the following summary:
The above simulates a 2D section of the atmosphere (between the green lines), you can choose how many bubbles are generated, which will be either hotter (red) or colder (blue) than the medium. In hotter air the wavefront goes faster and in colder it goes slower. When reaching the telescope, divided here in 5 sub apertures, the Wavefront is analyzed, using micro-lenses array. You see in dark green the turbulence perturbed WF and in gold the corrected WF, as corrected by the segmented mirror shown at the bottom (whose segments angles are orthogonal to the corresponding analyzer aperture). See the pointers above for example of images (The current Tk applet can't do the FFT needed for my full simulation to run).

Source code (the one embeded have been crunched for efficiency)

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