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Plugin Known Problems

The following is a list of bugs and known problems with the Tcl plugin (If you find anything not listed here or in the FAQ, please send us a mail with details about the problem and your configuration, try enabling logging and send us the log file. Thank you!):

  • The Mac version is less functional and more unstable. There will be a detailed list of Mac specific problems soon. One is included in the release.
  • The plugin leaks memory.
  • The window in which the tclet is displaying is sometimes arbitrarily destroyed by the browser. This is specially true with Netscape on Unix when you resize the browser's window (don't do it). It can also happen at startup with NS3 when the page has a complex layout. We are thinking about workarounds.
  • Gridding does not work properly; it screws up the geometry management. Avoid using -setgrid on text widgets if possible.
  • Navigator has some problems noticing when a tclet changed, it might not notice that you edited a tclet and when you hit reload, you're likely to get the previous version. Try "Shift-Reload" while visiting the url mentioned in the embed statement (the .tcl url).
  • The Plugin is currently not thread safe and will not operate correctly when used from more than one thread concurrently. This occurs with Internet Explorer when it is used to view tclets in more than one window at a time.
  • IE does not support most of the interesting features like Posting, Getting or Displaying URLs and Forms. Try with Netscape 4 to see if things works better.
    This and other related problems with URL fetching will be fixed when we split the plugin into two packages: the plugin for use with Netscape Navigator and possibly an ActiveX control for use with Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • If you're upgrading from a previous release of the plugin, it's probably advisable to uninstall that release before installing the current (2.0 final (internal number 2.0.200)) release.
  • A Tclet can crash Netscape if the user closes a frame opened by the Tclet with browser::openStream and then the Tclet writes to the frame with browser::writeToStream. The problem is that the Tclet does not get any indication that the frame has been closed "from outside".
  • Killing (or crashing) the external process used to host Tclets causes the plugin to enter an unusable state, because it keeps complaining about losing its connection with the external process. To fix make sure that all top-level browser windows are no longer viewing any Tclets, and then revisit a page with a Tclet in it. This auto-corrects the problem and restarts the external process.
    We decided not to restart the external process automatically because it may cause an infinite loop if there is some problem which prevents it from running. Your suggestions on how to handle this case are appreciated.
  • On Unix (observed on Solaris 2.x and Linux 2.0), if you are using an external process and visit a page with more than one Tclet, things go wrong. This is an issue with re-entrancy into the browser's event loop, which causes it to get confused about the number of Tclets. As a result the plugin is improperly left half-unloaded when you leave the page, and eventually the browser crashes.
    This is the reason why we ship the plugin to run Tclets in-process by default, on Unix.
  • There are some "screen turd" problems with displaying ovals on Win32. This can be easily observed in the "Eyes" demo on our web site. We have not been able to reproduce this in other cases; if you can come up with a smaller script that does this, let us know!
    Other users have reported similar problems with the "Card Game" demo.
  • At install time, on Win32 systems, the WISE installer may cause colors to be somewhat distorted. This problem does not occur when the plugin is used during a regular use of the browser (outside of the install procedure).
  • Testing the plugin during installation may not work properly, especially if you install to a non-standard location. This has been observed on all Unix platforms. The issue is that some environment variables must be set in this case for the plugin to work. See the plugin(n) manual page.
  • Keyboard focus doesn't always go to the tclet as you expect. You may have to move the mouse out and back into the tclet to gain keyboard focus.

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