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Important!: because of move from the to this new home, not everything is updated or fully working yet... stay tuned...

Plans for future Tcl Plug-in releases

Below are some ideas for how to extend the plugin (NB: This document is not yet fully uptodate with what the 2.0 release taught us). These ideas will be implemented over time, some will be included in the next release of the Tcl plugin, while others will be deferred (your input is valuable to help us decide our priorities):

  • Communication with Java objects in the browser. This is problematic because it's not supported in Microsoft Internet Explorer (yet?). This will allow the Tcl Plugin to e.g. leverage Netscape Navigator's code signing facilities for authenticating Tclets.

    We will probably create a separate ActiveX control for Microsoft Internet Explorer. This will allow us to take full advantage of the features of each platform.

  • Better bi-directional communication with Javascript.

  • More security policies.

  • Much more material on our Tcl Plugin "how to" web site.

  • Features you request (Send Email to !

  • Provide access to authentication mechanisms, to determine the author of a tclet and decide, based on that information, how much trust to place in the tclet. This then can be used to decide whether to allow the tclet to have access to specific features and capabilities.

  • Make Tcl and specially Tk safer -- prevent resource and denial of service attacks while giving functionality.

  • Enable bidirectional communication between the plugin and Java applets on the same page.

  • Enable bidirectional communication between the plugin and Javascript on the same page.

  • Fully support dynamic on-demand loading of Tcl extensions into the plugin.

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